Some Reasons Why You Should Attend More Concerts and Theatre

Performances in Geneva

Concert and Theater in Geneva

Seeing your favorite band perform in Concert Geneva, can be one of the most exciting moments in your life. There is nothing like seeing your idol perform to a huge crowd of admiring fans singing back every word of the song. This is truly inspiring! By the way, did you know that going to a concert could be as good for you as a cardio workout? Did you know that you can burn up to 600 calories at a rock concert? It is a perfect excuse as to why you didn’t go to the gym last week. So, if you get the opportunity to see your favorite band perform in Concert Geneva, just take it and don't look back! We all know that concert tickets in Geneva are sometimes way too expensive, on the other hand, it is not rare that high-demand concerts are often sold out. Actually, did you know that a lot of tickets are bought by the ticket brokers long before the sale to the general public begins? This reduces your chances of seeing your favorite band live to a minimum. However, you can keep your finger on the pulse and avoid “sold-out” situations by getting informed about the concerts and ticket presales in Geneva through our daily updated website.

There are so many reasons why theatre has been around for hundreds of years and still retains its popularity throughout the world – whether we talk about Western Europe or Africa. Theatre Geneva is no exception to this general phenomenon. According to statistics Geneva has the highest annual theatre attendance per capita. So, what makes it so popular? Theatre brings people together, it helps escape from the everyday and experience something new and exciting, it brings meaning, it inspires, it motivates. Theatre tells the lives of others, but helps understand your own too, it shapes our believes and values. And most importantly, theatre is alive! In the digital age when we tend to spend more and more time in front of a computer or television, ability to differently captivate moments in time is truly unique! So now what? Go. Go and discover Theater Geneva whether it is a comedy show, drama, musical, dance, classical opera or cabaret. There are plenty of options available in Geneva – check our website and enjoy.

Performance Venues in Geneva

Grand Theater in Geneva

Are you eager to experience the world-class opera, classical music or ballet? Grand Theater Geneva is an iconic venue to enjoy innovative productions of classical operas and ballets, captivating contemporary pieces and unforgettable music concerts. Grand Théâtre de Genève has officially opened its doors to the public in 1879 with a performance of Gioachino Antonio Rossini's epic William Tell. Though the Grand Theatre de Geneve was heavily devastated by fire in 1951, after extensive reconstruction, it reopened to the public in December 1962 with Don Carlos, a five-act grand opera by Giuseppe Verdi. Since this reopening, Grand Theater Geneva draws some of the world’s most exciting conductors, singers, composers, choreographers and dancers from Switzerland and abroad. It seats more than 1 500 people and has one of the largest scenes in Switzerland. In 2016 the Grand Théâtre de Genève closed for further renovations and until its reopening in 2019 all performances are taking place in a temporary location - Opera des Nations at Avenue de France 40, 1202 Geneva. Check our website and discover many exciting performances this season at Grand Theater Geneva, including Goethe’s Faust, the Figaro’s trilogy, Don Giovanni and many others.

The Theatre du Leman is a performance venue located in the same building as Grand Hotel Kempinski and overlooking the Lake Geneva. Theater du Leman seats 1 300 people and offers mainstream concerts, comedy shows, dance pieces and other events. There is always a good mix of performances ranging from classical pieces to most recent cutting-edge productions, from Italy’s 20th century legend Umberto Tozzi to one of the most popular contemporary ballet company’s - Complexions. Find out what’s currently on in Theater du Leman and what’s coming up next on our website and don’t miss out on the top shows in Geneva.

Find Things to do in Geneva

Looking for Geneva Events? Trying to find out what’s on in the city tonight, tomorrow or next Saturday night? Wondering what are the best things to do and see in Geneva? Looking for some weekend inspiration? No problem. Our user-friendly search engine lists events by location, date and category and allows you to see what's going on in Geneva on any given day. According to the TripAdvisor, there are nearly 200 tourist attractions and 1586 restaurants in Geneva, which is definitely more than enough to satisfy any needs… With so many things going on, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or to end up in the run-down, kitschy tourist locations. We launched our website with an aim to establish one single platform listing all the major Geneva Events and best things to do in Geneva, so that each of you could enjoy a truly authentic Geneva experience.

What’s on this Weekend in Geneva?

Agenda Geneva Weekend Events

Got no plans for the weekend? Want to fill your time with something more meaningful than spending your time on Facebook or Instagram and ordering pizza straight to the bed? Make sure to regularly check out our website for Agenda Geneva Weekend and find out best things to do on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. From hottest gigs to family-friendly events, from bear tasting to fine dining at Michelin 3-star restaurants, from a relaxing stroll in the park to dancing through the night in some of the fanciest European clubs based in Geneva - our list offers many exciting and fun things to do on a Weekend Geneva. Every month we update our database with nearly 300 new events and attractions happening in the city. Be sure you will find something you like. Exciting sporting events if you are a sports fan, original museum exhibitions and gallery openings if you are an art admirer, fancy restaurants if you are a foodie, world class theatrical productions if you are a theater lover, live music concerts if you are someone crazy for rock, hip-hop or pop. There’s so much going on in Geneva that you will never be stuck for something to do. Geneva offers world class events and experiences and we will help you keep a pulse on what's going on, so that you do not miss out on the events you love.

Events in Geneve: Entertainment for All

Agenda Geneva Weekend Events

Life is full of fun and frolic if you wish to explore it to the core. There are several opportunities to make your life a bliss and one of them is a lifetime amazing trip to Geneva. Geneva is the most populous city of the Romandy which is the French speaking part of Switzerland. Events In Geneva consists of some hell lot amazing dances, music festivals, and open air cinema. There are more such amazing and fun activities in Geneva which are worth to explore.

Why Should You Attend Events In Geneve?

If you are a music lover and feel for the deep notes, Geneva is the place for you. Geneva has famous Victoria Hall used for classical music concerts. Also, you will find many opera houses and theaters for entertainment.

  • The customs and traditions followed by Geneva are also beautiful in their own way. The Jeûne genevois, L’Escalade etc. are some amazing way to celebrate the essence of Geneva. A lot of events in Geneve are followed after these customs and traditions.
  • If you wish to enjoy Ice Hockey, Geneva is the place. Geneva is all set to give you experiences for a lifetime. Come to Events In Geneve and fall in love with the city itself. Make the most of your free time.
  • Concert Geneva: To Enjoy Your Weekends

    Concerts can fill your heart, mind and soul with joy. Concerts are a gateway to feel the happiness when you see your favorite stars performing. Concert Geneve are quite in trend. The concerts here revolve around the rich culture and tradition followed in the city. The opera houses, live music performances, open air cinema and theatre have the power to sway your feet and make you fall for the city.

    Concerts with a Lifetime Experience

    Geneva sits at the core of the European music and culture. It settles in between the Grand Theatre de Geneve , the Victoria Hall, the Batiment des Forces Motrices which are just a few names to mention. This city has the mesmerizing power of impressing any ballet or music lover ever. Concert Geneve are a complete bliss and a for sure place to visit if you are a lover of art.

    What You Should Not Miss?

    The bliss of seeing your idol performing in front of you and you having a chance to cheer them up. The Concert Geneve are a good part of the life of the city and there is no denial that you can make memories for a lifetime here.

    Grand Theatre Geneve: For the Love of Theatre

    Theatre is not just a form of entertainment but an art that has the power to move the person watching it. It is not just about the story but about the costumes, the fiction and the characters playing some challenging roles. Grand Theatre Geneve is for the lovers of art and acting. The Grand Théâtre Genève is a venue that you should mark while making your itinerary while making plans to visit the French speaking city of Romandy. This theatre place is known to bind the richness of past in the enjoyment of today to present the best of shows which can be enjoyed by people of all ages and places. Another amazing theatre is the Geneva Theatre Guild which has been into acting and performances since forty long years. These two places should be on your rear for sure. What Should You Expect from the Grand Theatre Geneve ?

    1. Unexpected performances
    2. Full on fun
    3. Entertainment at its peak
    4. Amazing artists
    5. Some enthralling stories
    6. So, what are you waiting for? Wake the art lover in you and fall for the theatrics of the people of Switzerland.

      Evenement Geneve: Fun for Everyone

      Have you ever dreamt of being in a beautiful city and enjoying the events around? Do you wish for a perfect evening with your family and friends? Evenement Geneve is your way to enter the bliss of entertainment along with those you love. What All You Can Explore at the Evenement Geneve?

      • Twenty museums
      • Various activities (Red Cross Museums, Museum of Art and History, Museum of Ethnography)
      • Cinema : theatre cinema movies The Grütli : retrospectives of films, recent films, film clubs and festivals
      • Day-to-day events
      • Shows, festivals, exhibitions
      • What Can You Find at the Evenement Geneve?

        Explore the culture of one of the most amazing city’s of Romandy, fall in love with the Operas and classical music, understand what history behind the enthralling museums of the city and explore the ballet houses. You can even enjoy the reading and poetry events and dive deep into the literature the city has to offer. In short, there is everything for everyone, entertainment at its peak! So, without too much of thinking, plan your own set of happy days in Geneva because time once gone never comes back.

        Spectacle Genève: Have a Spectacular Times

        Sometimes all you need is a box of popcorn and lots of entertainment. It is not always about clubbing and partying, sometimes it is about sitting and enjoying the show. Spectacle Geneve stands for shows which can sway your heart, mind and soul. You can visit the Spectacle Geneve both at the day time and night time. The amazing list of shows consists of Bobby Solo, Great Classical Ballets, Messmer, Pink Martini, Alvin Ailey, David Helfgott, Iron Maiden etc. which can actually make your itineraries pretty interesting.

        What Do Spectacle Geneve Have to Offer?

        1. Family Time: You can spend some amazing family time by visiting these shows. These shows cater people of all ages making it more comfortable for you to spend your holidays together.

        2. Fun & Learnings: The literature shows and the cultural shows are amazing resources for fun and learnings. Kids can actually relish these experiences.
        3. Entertainment: You can vouch for more and you will get more. The Spectacle Geneve are a gateway to entertainment in full swing.
        4. You should indulge in these amazing shows which can change your free time into fun time. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the pool of fun and entertainment.

          Theatre Du Leman

          The Theatre Du Leman is a bliss of a place to visit when you plan your trip to Geneva. It is the ultimate place for the lovers of art. They are famous for exhibiting the best of paintings from the famous artists of all the time. Theatre Du Leman is not just a theatre but a place which can make anyone fall in the love of what they call “beauty.” Booking tickets here is mandatory and you must do that on time. They some of the most amazing collections of pieces of art which can make anyone go gaga over them. The best part about the place is that it is gorgeous, not just because of the pieces that it holds but also because of the architecture that it has. Theatre Du Leman is not just a theatre, it is a treasure of happiness in the form of expressive art. It is hence a famous place in Geneva and a must visit destination over there.

          Amazing Events In Geneva

          Want to fall in the pool of events and shows then Geneva is calling you. Here the list is just unending for you and has a place for all be it a kid, adult or an oldie. Age is only a number! Events In Geneva means untainted entertainment and also gives enough time to spend with friends and family. Here you will get to esteem your favourite star performing right in front of you and can also see the sights of the ultimate masterpieces as well. Even if you jot down the number of events; we can bet you will get tired, but the roll will go on and on. Geneva has ample of things to serve you with; so fasten your seatbelts and get ready dive as the time is clicking with every second.

          Geneva Awaits Your Magnificent Presence! Want An Event Retreat?

          Are you here in Geneva and wondering to participate in the events? Then leave all your worry bags outside as we have the finest and the most assorted list of Events Geneva that will flourish you with mindboggling experiences. Not only this, here you will get bliss with varied attractions, places, and landmarks. All we can say is Geneva will make you run on your toes with utter joy and entertainment. Instead of getting messed with the event results it is better to bump on our website and get surprised every second as we will dish your plate with ultimate and soothing experiences.

          Looking for something perfect and flawless during these vacations then bequest your family Geneva Events. Yes, you read it absolutely right, here you will get loaded with countless shows, and each one of them is par excellence. So much to learn and so much to enjoy! Forget your age and start rolling in the events pool with your loved ones and the buddies. Perfect time and place to look out for what is burning in Geneva is our website that will skyrocket your experience in just one go. Plus here in Geneva, you can also experience many lookouts, cuisines and iconic venues too.

          It’s Time to Groove Till the Stars Shine

          Kick off your daily work and forget your workouts as Concert Geneve is geared with captivating music that will take your breath away. Are you a real music lover; then these concerts will turn out to be your dreamy platter. Not one or two as we have an all-embracing list of concerts and live shows being performed by the legends themselves. It is time to groove your body from tip to toe, and there is no stopping around. Let the symphony rule your ears and grove your feet until the sun rises. Bag on the tickets before they go off from sight!

          1. Concert Geneve will let you experience the new and fresh correlation with music that you have hardly heard in the recent times. The artists all around the world are coming to showcase their incredible talent just for you.

          2. It is a bona fide platform where your dream of watching the idols performing on stage and not online. It is an opportunity to light your passion and make it ravishing with every breath you take.
          3. Concert Geneve will make you feel happy and satisfied, and above all, on the funny side you will end up burning many calories just by enjoying.

          Evenement Geneve Knows The Days Better Like Anyone!

          No one likes to be a part of a crowded and mobbed place but what if we ask you to join the mass and get the thrilled and excited? Without thinking twice, you will literally jump and will ask us where, why and how? Wait... we have answers for all in just two words, and that is Evenement Geneve. Here in Geneva, you will find yourself running between the events and your maximum time will get elapsed in the same it is nothing but a roller coaster ride between your choices and events that are organised. The healing power all around will let your body and mind forget the life challenges, and you will get submerged into real happiness and bliss.

          1. Evenement Geneve understands your desires, and here you will get a chance to open the window and look around the real world of cheerfulness. We have countless events that will make you go over heels.
          2. Are you a sports freak and want to spend time watching and playing the real matches, then this is the only thing you should bang your fist on, and you will not regret.
          3. The real fragrance of Geneva and its culture can only be witnessed through becoming an inseparable part of Evenement Geneve; it is a place to admire and enlighten oneself.

          Enjoy the heart-pumping parade of events while you are here in Geneva; a beautiful and enthralling city of Switzerland. Every day here is a new array of hope, and a new event is raising high to make you take the sole pleasure and excitement. Geneva knows no tomorrow and lives on today only. To prove this point, we will shake your hands with Geneve Evenement. Every day you can wake up and plan for an event that is new and has no similarity with what you enjoyed last night. We have our podium where you will find the updated results. So, why are your thoughts still lingering as the more you think, the more you lose as the tickets are running at high speed.

          If you want to enjoy and have fun here in Geneva, then we can assure you that you are not making the most of this city. Though Geneva is known as the city of events here, the benefits are at large. Don’t miss out your chance to meet the people alike and get into the long and prolific discussion. Don’t miss your chance to get yourself enlighten that can let you crack you the most awaited business deal. Yes, you can do all these by just running into the race of Evenement Geneve Aujourdhui. It is not the race that you are thinking instead it is the race of real opportunities and ideas. Use the magic wand and bless yourself with a motive to make genuine success in one step only.

          If you are planning your weekend on the couch watching television or cleaning laundries, then my friend you are making a big mess around that will surely make you be apologetic. Before your heart pops out and the weekend tells you goodbye let us make you familiar with Weekend Geneve. C’mon cheer up my friend and smash on the events that are ready to thrill your days will real enthusiasm. Jump on to your friends and hit the floor with the just the right event of your choice. Nobody is going to wait for you as the plethora of activities is already begun. Here you have shows like concerts, theatres, dance, clubbing, live shows, exhibitions and so on. So, what are you waiting for; Christmas?


          1. You have unrestrained choices to make in Weekend Geneve amid the events that are being organised here. The motto of these events is to let the people leave all of their hard work and just get the pleasure of life.
          2. It offers a spectacular time with the real buddies, family and especially the loved ones. Here you can plan a romantic date too.
          3. Here at Weekend Geneve, one gets a solid chance to meet up with new people and have long end discussions that can turn out in getting business leads, and maybe you get the last brick that you were searching for.

          Partner With Agenda Geneve Weekend And See It Happening!

          Geneve knows how to enjoy and celebrate every single day. If you are waiting for the weekend, then you are being accompanied by Geneva itself. Agenda Geneve Weekend is all about Friday, Saturday, and Sunday when clocks stop ticking and the everyday tensions just get vanishes. So, loosen up yourself and call out your pals around, so anyone does not miss the fun. Let us not miss anything and be a part of the plan and this entertainment and only entertainment. Here your eyes will pop out with the mind-blowing shows, acts, concerts, dance and there is no end at all.
          What is your obsession or what is your love? Here we are talking about art, music, sports and likewise. Geneva will treat you the way you want to get treated, and that will be exceptional too. Coming here at Geneva by just roaming here in then will make you feel sorry for yourself. It is the reason Agenda Geneve came into the picture that will make you enjoy the Geneva, its culture, traditions, and attractions along with the events hanging around. Here you have the prospect to pick and choose the shows that draw you the most and hit it hard.
          You can effortlessly rejoice your stay in Geneva only if you pick your every single move just for the right next place. If not updated with the accurate and apt planning you are likely to lose or shall we say get a check and mate. Geneva is just like heaven where all your demands and choices will get fulfilled from tasting the fine and delectable dining to watching out some mesmerising shows. You will be further be gifted with countless places to explore and discover all in all. But for this, you need to opt your hands on Geneve Agenda.

          You Might Have Not Seen Stage Like Theatre Du Leman

          Theatre Du Leman is more than its name; here you might get perplexed that this is just to watch out for theatre and acts. If your answer is affirmative, then you are going on the wrong track. This iconic stage is more than you can imagine. Yes, it is the fact that you will get to see some incredible talents performing on stage but along with this it also welcomes artists from every field to disclose their talent among the audiences. The story does not end here as apart from all these this venue is a masterpiece that can make anyone awe-struck with its magnificence and architecture. The pursuit factor will get slicked by you right from the time you put your first step towards Theatre Du Leman and with every step a something new and ravishing will be revealed.

          1. Theatre Du Leman graciously opens its stage for all kind of shows like concerts, live shows, dance, opera and likewise. So, it is evident that this place is not only restricted to the theatrical acts only.
          2. It is a real magnum opus but at the same time is well capable of handling audiences in troupes with a seating capacity of 1300 people.
          3. To watch out shows here at Theatre Du Leman you need to get glued with your seats before. As no one is permitted to enter inside without having tickets, so grab them before they go to someone else’s pockets.

          Spectacle Geneve The Roller Coaster Of Fun Has Just Begun!

          The everyday turmoil is already enough to handle, and this is the reason people try to get rid of all and take a plunge on something new and exciting. Spectacle Geneve is just the same you were looking for; here it is all about chilling and having fun. Here nobody will lock you or hold your hands instead you are just like a free bird who can take part in any show and also at any point of time be it day or night. But before going forward and not ending up with confusion why not know what the real fun we are talking about are. Here you have concerts, art shows, exhibitions, theatrical acts, quiz contests, drama and so on. So you have just full sizzlers, and you can also choose the one you like.

          1. Spectacle Geneve will turn out to be a learning experience for people of all ages. Here there are no boundaries and no one stopping you from behind instead you are free to walk on enlighten yourself.
          2. One hardly gets time to spend time with friends and family, but here with Spectacle Geneve you can sort out all the complaints and can enjoy to the fullest.
          3. It is all about celebrations, and here there is no need to wait for any festivals. You can start your fun trail the time you are free and off from work with happening events and shows.

          Grand Theatre Geneve – A Worthy Mixture of History and Contemporary Art!

          Bounce back to the history of theatres and acts with Grand Theatre Geneve. Yes we used the word history as this iconic venue is not a year or two old instead came to birth a hundred years ago. This place is just the precise example to portray how much Geneva and people are fond of theatres. Starting from the year 1879 till date this place has undergone numerous challenges and ups and downs, but nothing could stop wither Grand Theatre Geneve or the people of Geneva to bring it back to life. Today it has become that one stage where legends and celebrated stars wish to perform. It is not the spectators that wait for their chance, but it is the artist who does so. To know what is cooking here visit our website and jump on tickets immediately.

          1. Grand Theatre Geneve will let your eyelashes stay hard without blinking as here you will get to see some unexpected performances of all times. Something that you have hardly imagined or expected before heading the show.
          2. Want to know what the real entertainment and fun looks like then it is Grand Theatre Geneve that will disclose to you. Here you will be having a long and really long list of shows to choose along with theatres.
          3. The incredible talent coming all the way from different countries is what Grand Theatre Geneve really is. Watch out for some breathtaking and authentic performances.

          Look back and tell us as from when theatres really have begun? There will be no answers as it very old and hardly there are any reminisces of its birth. But no matter how old is the history of theatres it has never failed to charm the lovers of arts and drams on a global front. Likewise when the talk about the theatres starts the first city that pops out with pride is Geneva. Theatre Geneve has now become a part of the culture, and custom and here you will get to experience only the best and beyond perfect stories. Stories, those are not only momentous but are also marvellously narrated by the talented team of actors here. Along with this here you will be thrown with choices like drama, comedy, intense, adventurous, etc. To watch out the acts take a tour to our website.