Events in Geneva


Saturday, June 01 20:00


THÉÂTRE LE CAVEAU, av. de Ste-Clotilde 9, 1205 Genève

CHF 20-25
#Theatre & Performing Arts
Spectacle Genève

Friday, May 24 More dates


Salle centrale de la Madeleine, Rue de la Madeleine 10, 1204 Genève

CHF 8-12
#Theatre & Performing Arts
Crowd in the club

Thursday, May 30 23:59

Thursday Hip-Hop

Chat Noir Club, Rue Vautier 13, Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland

#Clubbing & Nightlife
Comedy Show Geneva

Thursday, June 27 20:30

JOKERS – Challenge

Caustic Comedy Club, Avenue Cardinal Mermillod 6, 1227 Carouge, Geneva

CHF 20-45
#Theatre & Performing Arts
Exposition Genève

Sunday, May 19 More dates

Muzoo – The Collection of Théâtre du Loup

Chemin de la Gravière 8, 1227 Les Acacias, Geneva

#Exhibitions & Visual Arts #Kids and Family
Theatre Genève

Sunday, May 19 11:00 More dates

Theatrical Tourist Tours

Monument Brunswick, 1201 Genève

CHF 0-20
#Theatre & Performing Arts #Travel & Outdoor
Events Geneva

Monday, May 27

Café Scientifique

Musée d'histoire des sciences, parc de La Perle du Lac, 128 rue de Lausanne, 1202 Genève

Beer Event Geneva

Monday, May 20 20:00 More dates


Lady Godiva English Pub, Boulevard du Pont d'Arve 53, 1205 Geneva, Switzerland

#Sport & Games #Other events
The Many Lives of a Herbarium

Sunday, May 19 More dates

The Many Lives of a Herbarium

Cabinet de curiosités, Chemin de l’Impératrice 1, 1292 Chambésy, Genève

#Exhibitions & Visual Arts

Sunday, May 19 More dates

Capsule 2.57

Halle Nord, place de l’Ile 1, 1211 Genève

#Exhibitions & Visual Arts

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Events In Geneva

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